Katje “Kat” van Loon

"This is 'innocent', right?"

“This is ‘innocent’, right?”

Kat(je) van Loon is a bewitching spinner of fantastic fiction, sordid stories, charming characters, and powerful poetry. Zie is one half of the team Kat & Wolff, and on occasion zie dresses up like Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and avoids arrest for disorderly conduct.

Believes in the Oxford Comma. Witch by day, writer by night, and vice versa. Probably soulbonded to Ursula the Sea Witch. The Original Amoeba Cat.

While not writing, Kat can be found baking, knitting, crafting, subverting the heteronormative, gender-binarist paradigm, and killing filthy Cylons.


You can read about Katje’s exploits at Amoeba~Kat Musings. You can read zir writing online, for free, at Katje Writes or zir Wattpad profile.  Zie also Tweets. A lot.

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